Build a playlist from your favourite memes and share it with the world. But beware! On HateTube the only feedback you can get is negative! Luckily, you are no less hateful than the rest of the world. Keep your opponent's cursor away from Hate button while your video is playing and smash the button when his video is on!


XBOX controller: 
left analog - movement/

A - click

or Keyboard:

Player 1:
W - up
S - down
A - left
D - right
space - click / start game / play again

(use your left hand for best comfort)

Player 2:

O or Up arrow - up

L or Down arrow - down

J or Left arrow - left

; or Right arrow - right

right alt - click

(use your right hand or both hands for best comfort)

Game made for Warsaw Film School Gamejam 2018.
Gamejam theme: Nagative

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